Inspect-A-Pest is SASAC approved applicator. We at Inspect-A-Pest have trained technicians that follow strict protocols and procedures to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID 19. Inspect-A-Pest have protocols in place to best safeguard themselves and their clients when dealing with the decontamination of a building.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an acute respiratory disease caused by a novel Coronavirus (SARSCoV-2), transmitted in most instances through respiratory droplets, direct contact with cases and through contaminated surfaces/objects. The virus survives on environmental surfaces for varied periods of time therefore decontamination is vital.

Studies have reported that some people infected with COVID-19 are “silent spreaders,” that is, either asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic, exhibiting no signs of fever, cough, or laboured breathing. Employers must assume that some workers are likely to come to work while infectious. At Inspect-A-Pest we recommend regular decontamination. We have expert advice, and we will help cater to your needs and budget.

The procedure Inspect-A-Pest follows when our team is called out for decontamination.

Step 1: Full PPE Gear – Coverall, Face Shield, N95 Mask, Long gloves and Shoe Covers.

Step 2: PPE Gear to be always warn especially when attending to a positive decontamination case.

Step 3: Finding out all relevant information about the infected case.

Step 4: Decontamination – disinfect all areas used by the person who tested positive, such as offices, bathrooms, common areas. Shared electronic equipment.

Step 5: Follow all Applicator Protocols.

Step 6: Decontamination of aircon.

Step 7: Provide Certification of Decontamination.